Benefits of SEO for Large Businesses

In an age of digitalisation, the use of Search Engine Optimisation has become vital to any business or person trying to rank well on search engines and increase their brand exposure. SEO and business growth often go hand in hand. It is proven that monthly SEO will help you to achieve your business goals and help you become more visible on search engines and which in turn helps you gain more customers, interactions, and higher conversion rates.  

There are many benefits that come as a result of using Search Engine Optimisation whether you use an SEO agency or decide to carry it out in-house. 

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Search Engine Optimisation can work in line with your finances; here at Moirae Creative we offer a bespoke service that is chosen based on your site and competition. This can help you establish a budget and what goals are the best for your company. We firmly believe that SEO is an investment, but understand that businesses aren’t aware of how much they should spend on SEO. The Search Engine Journal has a very useful SEO cost calculator to help you determine what you should be budgeting for your Search Engine Optimisation.  

Strategically planned and implemented SEO will bring customers to large businesses through organic searches. On average, 53.3% of website traffic comes from organic searches, and depending on your business, this could lead to a higher conversion rate or leads. Your company will value these interactions with your website and your CTR (click through rate) will affect the way you rank on the search engine.  

Another benefit of using SEO is that it boosts your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP) and allows you to focus on certain keywords to rank for. SERPs work by assessing your content and your relevance to the query, ranking you in response. In SEO, the aim is to rank highly so that your website will gain exposure and a higher CTR. Appearing with good rank on SERPs exposes your site to thousands of people interested in and actively searching for your services or products, not to mention that 67.6% of all clicks on a SERP go to the first five links. Similarly, should you provide a trustworthy online experience for potential clients, sending them to the right page for their query, they are more likely to return to your site if they don’t take action the first time they visit, which can often result in a conversion or lead.  

Visibility and brand awareness is key. SEO will help your business rank higher and therefore allow your brand to become visible on SERPs. With the right keywords and fresh, relevant content on your site, you can outrank competitors and work your way to the top of the SERP, therefore increasing the awareness of your brand. The key to outranking your competitors is to keep your pages updated and filled with new content; upon uploading new content and refreshing old posts, organic traffic can rise up to 106%. 

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Though it can take six to twelve months to see significant and measurable results, this doesn’t mean that your site is invisible during this time. You become more visible as you move up the ranks for specific keywords, but you can still gain plenty of traffic on your site without being in the number one spot. This means that if you have chosen a long-term strategy for long-term results, you won’t just magically appear on the SERP, you will gradually climb as you continue to tailor your site to the needs and wants of the people searching for you.  

Over the passing years, as search engines have become increasingly popular and accessible on multiple devices, the competition to rank highly has become fierce. This means that if you don’t implement any form of SEO, you risk falling behind and allowing your competitors to overtake you in the SERP ranking. To stay relevant, your business needs to stay ahead of your competitors, and SEO can help you do that.  

Here at Moirae Creative, an award winning, full service creative agency based in Doncaster, we offer marketing solutions that increase online conversions, design websites that generate leads, all the way to offering branding solutions that increase brand exposure and engagement. Our services include a full, free SEO audit for your company.  

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