Creative Agency Vs In-House

Whether to use a Creative Agency or stick with an In-House design team is a question I get asked - and answer - frequently. The honest answer is that only you know what is best for your business.

If you are asking yourself the question whether you should enquire about the services of a creative agency, then in all fact you may have identified a gap in the skillset of your team already. Overall, there are pros and cons to using an external creative team and an in-house creative team, and this is what my article aims to explore. 

The level of skills and specialisms that an external creative team can provide will undoubtedly surpass your expectations. What I have noticed on many occasions is that utilising a creative agency can, in fact, increase the skillset of an in-house team allowing campaigns to grow and flourish through a collaboration.

Without a doubt, having an in-house team does have clear advantages. For a start, they know your business better than any creative agency could, and they are always on hand to respond to immediate requirements. However, despite having access to an in-house team, you need to take into considerations the cons of this approach. It may be that you run the risk of subjective ideas and limit the potential engagement of certain campaigns. The last thing you want is for your creative flow to stagnate and by using a team of external experts to work alongside your internal team, you will be ensuring expression of creative flair. Not only to mention, you’ll have direct access to industry specialists with a diverse range of skillsets to give your campaigns and strategies that extra 'oomph'.

Benefits of working with a full service creative agency

  • Direct access to industry specialist designers and digital marketers
  • Creative ideas/inputs and detailed assistance of difficult briefs
  • Clear information on difficult marketing issues
  • Providing brand and strategy direction
  • Clear and measurable results

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