Google AdWords, We Don’t Pocket the Difference

Google AdWords is a great way to generate revenue and profit for your business. But can you do it all yourself?

Honestly, you could!

Though you would need to dedicate months, if not years of training to develop your knowledge to a standard where you and your business can win with Google AdWords.

Google AdWords can be highly influential in generating high-quality leads and profitable sales. Not only that, ROI is simple to work out in terms of how much you have spent, and what profit you have made from your spend.



For this reason alone, AdWords campaigns must be a vital part of your marketing strategy.

But do you understand what key search terms will make you the most money? What type of ad copy may convert better than others? How much should you typically spend on PPC (pay per click)? What time is best to show your ad? Should you use display advertising as well as search advertising? Is Google the only platform that will help me?

These questions may have you baffled, and its no surprise. This is where the assistance of creative marketing agencies like us play a pivotal role.



Before diving in and choosing an agency to manage your Google AdWords campaigns, ensure you can trust the agency. Most of our clients have used us on multiple digital marketing and communication projects and we have a strong relationship.

For this reason, our clients trust us.

What many agencies can do is charge you for the account management of the campaign and pocket the difference if the campaign doesn’t spend its full budget. You pay your AdWords budget direct into your Google account and make sure your marketing agency don’t do this for you.


Make sure to ask the following questions:

  • What happens if there is left over budget after my campaign?
  • Can I use the left-over budget for another campaign?
  • What are the account management costs?
  • Are there any underlying costs?
  • Will I be able to change my budget if I need to?

We do not pocket the difference. We are an open, honest, trustworthy and credible agency and we never pocket the difference. We offer thought and recommendation on how best to use your extra budget. We can work with you to develop a smaller campaign for maximum engagement with the extra budget you have left over.

Ultimately, choose your digital marketing agency wisely.


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