How Social Media Can Take Your Business to New Heights

Social media is literally taking over our lives. As individuals we feel the need to tweet, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat all aspects of our lives, good or bad.

So, there is no real surprise that there is now a huge calling for businesses to have a social presence on multiple platforms. Although, not every platform works for every business. Social media is easily accessible and readily available to anyone with internet access, so it makes sense that it could benefit your business, right?

It is a well-known argument; can social media actually add value to or benefit business? Let us start with the positive, how CAN social media enhance your business and take it to new heights?

One of the largest impacts social media can have on your business is the increase in brand exposure/awareness which also goes hand in hand with increased client engagement. Considering the potential exposure, it is firstly important to bear in mind the 3 billion people across the world who are currently active on social media. Now consider how many of them could be within your target market, of course this will depend on your product or service. People want to connect with brands they can relate to, who they feel connected with and essentially a brand with a ‘human’ element.

Naturally with increased client engagement and brand awareness, this is going to drive more traffic to your website. Social media and boosted posts or ads are a key way to attract more traffic, especially blog posts or sharing content from your website on social media is a brilliant way to direct people to your website every time you create a new post.

…and of course, with increased website traffic from social media you can expect to see more lead generation, conversations and in turn sales.

As you can see there are many benefits to using social media for your business, but like all good things it doesn’t come without a few drawbacks.  Effective social media management can be very time consuming – this is why most businesses use an agency to manage their platforms. However, the cost per post of social media is very little in comparison to the exposure the brand receives and therefore makes it worth the time.  

All in all, it is clear to see the benefit which social media can have on your business, but the main this to take away from this is that in order for it to be engaging and effective you must have a strategic plan in place to drive your message.

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