Is page speed boring your users?

How quickly do the pages on your website load? If they take too long, your users will go elsewhere.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights can show you how well your website performs on both mobile and desktop. The tool gives you scores for both speed and optimization. The higher the score, the faster your website runs.

For Speed, there are two scores. First Contentful Paint (FCP) measures when a user sees something appear on the page. The faster content loads, the more likely your users will be engaged. DOM Content Loaded (DCL) measures when the HTML document has been fully loaded. Quicker times have been shown to match up with lower bounce rates.

For Optimization, a score out of 100 is given. A score above 80 is considered “Good”. The tool will also give you pointers on how to increase this score.




So, if you have a low page speed, what can you do?

Obviously, you want users to spend longer on your site and be more engaged, so you need to make sure that you are on top of your page speed. Increasing your scores can be quite simple. You can minify any CSS or JavaScript files you have on your site. This basically shrinks the file down.  They might not be easy for a person to read after, but a browser can read them still and doing this speeds up the site. You can also even minify the html files as well. Images are another thing that can slow down your site, so if you compress images, you can speed up page loading without losing out on too much quality.

Most of the changes you can make might be small, but they all add up to a better experience for your users, so are definitely worth doing.

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