LinkedIn introduces new desktop layout

LinkedIn is a business orientated social networking site which is used by professionals to share updates surrounding potential business opportunities. The ever-changing networking site continually adds news features with the user experience firmly in mind. One feature that seems to divide the opinion of users is the ability to view another’s profile in ‘private mode’. Understandably, users have a strong view and opinion in regard to this feature, as clearly another professional is wanting gain f

At the beginning of January, 2017. LinkedIn rolled-out it’s brand new refresh, which was designed to bring a more modern and ageing social network, firmly propelling itself into the 21st Century. 

LinkedIn’s newly designed layout allows the user-journey to be a more enjoyable and easily navigable experience. The navigational structure of the header allows fluidity and ease to navigate through the various programs, features and search options on the site.

However, the new navigation bar does contain the same fundamental features that contributed so heavily to LinkedIn’s growth since it was formed in 2002. The sections Home, My Network, Jobs, Messaging, Notifications, Profile, Work, Advertise and finally the search function.

On the other hand, the main feed structure is now more a look-like to the Facebook feed, it allows the usability to hide post, unfollow users, copy and even report with other features such as Like, Comment and Share which are also used on the platform. Some may argue the platform has ‘sold out’ to the current social networking age?

It would be difficult to not see that LinkedIn is slowly becoming a platform similar to facebook with trending stories which are curated by editors and algorithms put in place. Thought it does seem that Linkedin could be loosing its heritage, the site is vastly improving it’s searching interface so it’s easier for users to locate jobs, businesses and identify key decision makers within a business; a dream come true for the sales and marketing associates among us!

The latest enhancement sees real-time messaging interface created that allows users to be prompted to start conversations as part of a move for users to engage with potential employers, decision makers or even colleagues.

Social and professional networking is everchanging, and the top marketers among us strive to keep up with the latest new trends. Is LinkedIn losing its heritage? Or is it evolving into something new?

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