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If some said to me 10 years ago that the company I was about to launch would survive ‘the great recession’, outlive toys r us, and this funny thing called social media was going rise up out of nowhere and dominate our lives, I’d have thought they had been on the beer.

It’s strange to think that we only launched the businesses 18 months after the launch of the first iPhone, 3 years after the launch of Twitter and Google Chrome only landed on Mac and PC 18 months after we started building websites.

In March 2011, 60% of web users were using Internet Explorer, 20% using Firefox and just 5% using Google Chrome. Compared to 2019 and Google now dominates 70% of users web browsing.

Looking back on how the company has evolved over the years it’s a little emotional thinking what has been achieved, I remember writing my first proposal sat in the spare room (which had been converted into my office following redundancy in the recession) in my shorts and vest, and every Tuesday morning getting up at 5:30 am for the breakfast networking start at 6:30 am – those were the days!

People often ask what drove me to carry on and get this far, I’d put it down to small milestones along the way I think; getting my first office at Woodfield Business Centre, landing enough clients to pay the office rent and my mortgage each month, having my first employee on the payroll, moving to our own rented self-contained office, growing to have a self-sufficient business development team, winning European awards, buying our own office that we can be proud to call our home.

All these micro-miles stones have given us something to aim at along the way. But I suppose my biggest motivator was growing the business enough that I could enable my loyal wife to give up her job and join the business and spearhead our financial success. This was a very proud moment for me.

We’ve had some amazing clients along the way, and I would like to thank them for their continued support. It would be wrong of me to list all of them, but each and every one of them has led to the shaping of the company and making it what it is today.

What I think really makes Moirae an exciting company to be a part of is the people and the team we have built, I won’t sit back and say it’s been an easy ride because we have had some up and downs, we’ve had some people that totally weren’t right for our bus, some that didn’t sit in the right seat, and some awesome people that choose to get off the bus a little earlier than I would have hoped. (hopefully, those that have read Jim Collins – Good to Great will understand the metaphor). But I genuinely feel the team we have built in the studio currently; is the best we have ever had.

It takes time in business to build the right team, and I am always conscious of creating the right culture, a good culture breeds quality and good productivity.

I hope you have enjoyed your journey with Moirae, whether you have only been on it for 1 month, if you are just about to embark on it, have been on it for 10 years or are even just considering starting it.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

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