Top 5 Marketing Ads of 2016

Monkey delivers the Top 5 Marketing Ads of 2016.

Anybody who knows me will know my passion for the quirky and thought provoking designs. I am like a magpie picking up leaflets where I go, appreciating things from paper textures to funny slogans. I have reviewed a selection of online and offline marketing ads from last 2016 and here are my top five - enjoy!



Christmas wouldn’t have been the same without the classic ad battle and 2016 was no exception.  While I felt that the John Lewis ad of ‘Buster the Boxer’ was funny it just wasn’t festive. Christmas ads, in my opinion, need to be festive and the Aldi carrot commercial was just that. People could resonate with the antics of this poor carrot and its struggle to survive its festive fate. Surviving the dinner demise to be later discovered by Father Christmas and lead the way for Rudolph.



Evoking the same snuggly cute feeling as seeing cute kittens the Mc Vitie’s ad last year won the IPA Effectiveness Award. Although I’m no cat lover this advert is epic.



Epic, now where have I heard that before?! If seeing ‘Dave the stutter’ do his stuff last wasn't enough they introduced ‘Colin the builder’ and the car-park dance off was started.



While I didn’t see this advertising in person, I read the review from the Creative Review article posted by Eliza Williams. BBH agency from London “censored” KFC’s famous catchphrase and to create a suggestive campaign. Using censorship in a suggestive way, blocking out key words from the “finger lickin’ good” idiom to make viewers do a double take was a great advertising campaign. While a little controversial the concept is intentionally close to the mark and in my opinion is a superb use of typography.


This has got be the wiener or is that winner? It is cute, fun and above all memorable which is the vital factor of any ad campaign. I’m sure there are people who will disapprove, there always is but let’s face it even their owners are in consumes and we are not seriously going to devour our four legged little friends - well done Heinz.

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