Signs its Time to Re-brand

A brand is so much more than a logo, it is a way of showcasing what makes your business different and more attractive that your competitors. It’s how your customers perceive your business and the value you can bring to them. Therefore, it’s important that your brand reflects your company, your mission statement, and your products.

However, there will come a time when you feel your brand no longer represents the company. But don’t worry! You’re not the only one outgrowing your own branding.

Perhaps it’s sad to say but to compete at a higher level with higher-tier brands, it’s often necessary to leave your old brand behind. As re-branding your company can help you reach a wider audience, bring in new clients and even remind your current clients you are still market leaders.

What is re-branding?

Re-branding is the creation of a new look and feel for an existing business. This can involve changing the company name, logo, packaging, marketing materials and anything that falls in between.

5 signs it’s time to think about re-branding your business:


  • Your brand doesn’t reflect your company vision.


Times change, and what seemed like a great company name 10 years ago unfortunately no longer represents what your brand is about. Maybe the business has taken a different logical route to success or maybe the name has become dated. Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t let your brand name be a nuisance on the brand itself.


  • You’re embarrassed to hand people your business card.


A business card is so much more than a method of passing on your contact details to protentional clients. It’s often the first impression someone will have of your business and with only seven seconds to form a first impression it is crucial you make a good one!


So if you cringe a little when you hand over your business card it’s probably time for a rebrand.

  • You’ve outgrown your brand


This is a very fortunate “problem” to have. A growing business is almost certain to have outgrown the brand from when it was first established so if you feel like your current brand no longer accounts for your growing success, you should definitely consider a rebrand.


  •  You’re undergoing a merger or acquisition


Sometimes is necessary for businesses to merge to be successful or sometimes another company can take over from a current business. Both of these situations should be looked at as an opportunity to rebrand.

This was the case when Ancala, an independent infrastructure investment business took over from Kelda Water Services Defence. The newly formed brand would be called Ancala Water Services and Moirae were enlisted to design a new brand that would be applied to a variety of platforms at all their sites across the UK.

The full project can be view here > 

  • You’re trying to connect with a new audience


It’s always crucial to remain “current”, perhaps you feel your business is becoming stodgy or stale. A rebrand allows you to redefine yourself with the goal of reaching these new and untapped audiences. Staying on top of the market is always good business.

At Moirae we understand that every business is different, we get to know your company in detail and can advise if rebranding is the best approach to suit your needs.

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