A Day in the Life Matt Spiby
A Day in the Life Matt Spiby

A Day in the Life Matt Spiby

An insight to the daily routine of our Studio Manager, Matt Spiby.


The mornings have changed a lot since my daughter Gabriella arrived back in May, sleep is now considered a luxury in the household.

After feeding and dressing the little one, I usually have around 15 minutes to shower, get dressed and prep my morning shake for the day and leave the house for about 8am for the daily 40 minute drive to work through Doncaster.

At Work

As the Studio Manager, it’s a great way to be involved with everything ongoing in the business. The day-to-day jobs consist of running the scrum meetings in the morning with the teams, outlining any issues they had which others could help with and confirming today’s workload with the team.

Reviewing time management spent on Projects and what has been completed within that allocation and if it meets the brief set. I usually raise questions to the teams why they did them that way instead of X,Y, Z to expand on them, explaining why their solutions work better for the client as an end result.

There’s always talk in the office and one that seems to be a consistent talk, is our Fantasy Premier League. We always criticise performance of players because they didn’t perform well enough to beat each other on draft. Thankfully, my excellent choice of players has me first on draft between myself, Dan, David and Joanna with 13 wins out of 20 fixtures – 7 points clear.


The evenings are usually spent trying to relax but that’s only happens every blue-moon. Bath time and story time are prioritises once I arrive home, reading Gabriella her favourite books, last night was Cinderella – just like the night before that and the night before that one.

After she’s down for the night, it’s spent unwinding down with a shower and catching up on some TV series with the wife. We are currently re-watching Misfits and the Netflix Original ‘You’. We tend to re-watch the same TV series repeatedly, main one being Prison Break, with all 90 episodes and Supernatural with 315 episodes.

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