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We are Doncaster's chosen Corporate Video Agency. We understand that good branding and marketing is all about storytelling and there is no better way of telling your story than through effective videography. 



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Corporate Video

A lot of people enjoy working with businesses that are not just a name, but faces too, real people. It makes businesses relatable and approachable. Utilising corporate videos allows you to showcase the story of your success and create brand awareness using visual and more engaging means. Featuring your staff in your videos means you can capture their friendly personalities, their teamwork, and their values, putting faces to the name of your company as well as your brand identity.


Moirae Creative Agency is here to help you create content that will engage and connect with viewers. Our process means that we will work with you to define what the video will be used for, and the message you want to get across. This means going into detail with you about how you want your business to appear, and how you'd like to be presented in front of the camera, as well as discussing possibilities for motion graphics.


Following this, we will create a storyboard to visualise the end product, outlining everything discussed in the preliminary meeting. Once this is signed off, Moirae's team will create a detailed filming plan that highlights any people or resources needed before filming. This will be sent to you to make sure you're happy with it, and have those resources lined up.

Then filming will commence!

But that isn't the end of the process! Once filming is complete, Moirae then edit your footage and pull together all of the components of the video until it is perfect! After this, animation, music, voiceover, and motion graphics are inserted, tweaked until they are perfect. Then your corporate video is ready to put out there!

Corporate video recording at Moirae Creative

Video can give your business a more approachable people-focused image.

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