User Journey Mapping

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User journey mapping identifies the most common routes users are likely to take when using your website and helps you to make these journeys as easy and efficient as possible. At Moirae Creative, we are Doncaster’s chosen Digital Agency to deliver results you require.  



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User Journey Mapping

Good user experience means that users on your website should clearly be able to find what they are looking for, and get there in as few clicks as possible.


Developing a visualised user journey map is key in allowing your business to improve on user experience. Using real customer data from your current site we can analyse how it is used and use this information to cultivate a new and improved site with a better user journey or to optimise your current website. 


User journey mapping is essential to learning the habits of those who use your website, meaning we can identify areas of your website which are not performing at their best and alter design and functionality to increase performance.


When we conduct research into user journeys, we feel it is vital to put ourselves in the users' shoes. This helps us create a broad understanding of the many reasons as to why users either continue their journey or exit your website, with the task of creating the best user journey experience possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

User Journey Mapping is also known as the "Customer Journey Map" which is an illustration that shows all the different steps that your customers go through as they do business with you over time.

Learn and understand the user journey to better convert those visitors into leads.