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What is included in a FREE Website Audit?


We analyse the initial Call to Actions and Journey to Conversion to even the finer details of Structure and Accessibility. We analyse the strengths and weaknesses throughout the site, see if there’s conflicts throughout the site, whether that’s from the use of iFrame usage or even extremely long URL’s. It’s analysed with a fine comb, generating a report we can deliver to you which will add value to your business.


Why do you offer FREE Website Audits?


We understand there’s thousands of online tools nowadays offering a free website audit so why choose Moirae Creative to offer a FREE Website Audit. At Moirae, we believe that it is fate that brings us to work with our clients. Everyone should have a good understanding of how their website is performing from all aspects, whether that’s Page Speed or even Webpage Structure.


How long do the FREE Website Audits take?


You often have these online FREE Website Audit Reports that turnaround within a matter of seconds. We believe that a manual review rather than an automated response is the better result and value to your business. We estimate between 24 – 48 hours to complete an initial website audit from when the report is issued to the Studio.


What happens after receiving a FREE Website Audit?


After receiving the Website Audit, your welcome to take the report elsewhere but if interested to find out more how we can help resolve the reported problems – our dedicated team would be more than happy and willing to resolve the actions stated in the report.

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