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With the continued use of social media as a marketing tool, Moirae develop finely-focused, targeted, and measurable social media marketing strategies, so that you can expand onto each platform, and gain the best results. Creating campaigns with the goal of communicating messages, promoting products and services, or even utilising it to achieve your business goals has never been easier!



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Social media marketing is in its prime! It's very commonly known that social media users are active from the very moment that they wake up, right up until they go to sleep again. Over 45 Million UK citizens are registered to social media platforms and so are over 3 billion people worldwide. Now imagine how many people within your business' target audience could be inside that number. That's why we help to create social media marketing strategies that will harness the power of social media for our clients, enabling us to reach out to the right people, at the right time, and on a platform they know and trust.


Our expert team of designers and search specialists work together to create a social media marketing plan and a social media campaign that will effectively meet your business goals. When it comes to your social media campaigns it is important to first define success measurements and campaign goals, we then use this to create your tailored social media marketing strategy.


We pride ourselves on not only targeting the relevant audience but on delivering and generating results on the back of the campaigns. Our creative designs will be in-line with company brand guidelines and feature a clear communication structure to the end-users - our optimised ads are not only aimed to engage the targeted demographic but also to deliver results and conversions in the most effective way possible. We analyse the performance of your campaigns quarterly and produce reports to show the results and breakdown of each campaign. This means that our team can sit with you to discuss future improvements to your social media marketing strategy that will guarantee outstanding performance.


So, how does this help your business? Our social media marketing team, Doncaster based, target audiences tailored to users who have a close interest in your products and services, meaning users are more likely to engage and convert with your ads. Moirae created social media ads are designed to get straight to the point with snappy text, eye-catching images, and straight to the point call-to-actions to get you the best results!

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Social Media is known as a hot spot for B2C Businesses to thrive on advertising. But not every platform is fit for its purpose to your target market and becomes an excessive amount of time to maintain and create assets for something that adds little value if it is not reaching new audiences. Ask yourself, are you inclined to buy some acoustic noise reduction instruments for a business that sells cakes? Probably not.

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