A Hell of a Year for our BDM’s
A Hell of a Year for our BDM’s

A Hell of a Year for our BDM’s

Matthew Mason and Alex Hilton Joined Moirae Creative on the 4th June 2018 and we celebrate their 1 Year work anniversary. We can certainly say its been a year of ups with absolutely no downs.

Our business development superstars joined Moirae fresh-faced with a passion to succeed and push our small-town agency to the next level.

They haven’t disappointed.

Matthew Mason has won clients including 4R Group, Oakwood Park Homes and Energise Energy to name some. Whilst Alex has won clients including the internationally recognised Renewi, Fenwood Estates and Harlequin Office Furniture among many more.

Matt said: “After joining Moirae a year ago I have learnt a lot from such a talented team. My skills in Marketing, Business Development and Account Management have all dramatically improved and I now have the confidence and knowledge to help my clients grow their businesses through marketing.”

Alex added: “My first year at Moirae has flown past, the team culture we have in the office is rare to find and makes every day enjoyable. I have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with my clients to understand their business and develop their marketing strategies. I am excited for my future with Moirae to expand my skill set and our client base even further and for the creative opportunities this will bring along with it.”

Not a bad effort overall. We look forward to many more years of excellence.

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