How to use Twitter for Your Business
How to use Twitter for Your Business

How to use Twitter for Your Business

Rumors seem to circulate regularly that twitter is dying off and other social platforms such as Instagram are adapting to current times to be a leader in the social space

But does Twitter still have a level of power for businesses? And how can businesses use Twitter to get ahead of their competition and win business?

Here is our take:


Your Twitter account profile and banner image represent your business. For this reason, you need to have a professional appearance which showcases to your target audience that you are reliable, and they can trust you.

Make sure your bio explains exactly who you are and what you do. When your target audience land on your profile, they should immediately be made aware how your business can be of use to them and what you can offer.


Start to follow all your existing clients. Add them to a list and make sure you name the list something relevant like, Moirae’s Amazing Clients. This means while your eating your breakfast in the morning, you can go to your list and engage with what your clients have been up to by either liking, commenting or replying to your client’s tweets.

For general following, stick to the following sort of accounts and people:

  • Your Customers
  • Industry related trade publications
  • Your competitors
  • Media & PR Contacts
  • Local Businesses

Its great to keep a keen eye on what all relevant stakeholders are doing and how potentially they can assist you, or how you can assist them.


Use the platform to tweet and show your expertise in a relevant industry. Don’t be shy of voicing your opinion and calling out other thought leaders with strong opinions. This is what creates debate and helps you to grow your reputation and brand.

Start tagging people ad asking questions. You can also offer advice and tips to prospective and current clients. Simply put an ‘@’ and then type the twitter handle of the person or business you would like to engage with.


Add your twitter icon to your site and make sure when somebody clicks on the link it diverts to your twitter profile. This helps your customers and target audience up to date with events and activities at your business.

Personally, I would say to not have a timeline on your website. You do not want visitors being more interested on in the businesses you are engaging with more than the services you offer. The purpose of twitter is to drive traffic to your site and not away. So, don’t give them an easy reason to leave.

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