Is there more to SEO than being #1 on Google?
Is there more to SEO than being #1 on Google?

Is there more to SEO than being #1 on Google?

Whenever the topic of Search Engine Optimisation is discussed, it’s inevitable that the conversation will shift to ‘being number 1 on Google’. It’s a holy grail that is often misunderstood, but so is SEO as a whole.

Some people immediately know of and can see the value in SEO, others avoid it like the plague but one thing is certain - it is essential if you want to maintain and increase the number of visitors you receive from Organic Search.

Aiming for the number 1 spot on a particular keyword might sound good in theory but realistic expectations and goals need to be set, especially if you have a new website in an already established market. It’s great to aspire to ‘push out the big guy’ and to best your competitors but if they’re already at the top then they have been doing something right already - you will have to do better.



Rather than aim for getting to number 1 for a particular keyword, a sensible - and often more attainable goal is to aim for a position on the front page. This will allow you to make headway in getting better rankings and ultimately receiving more visits and enquiries from organic traffic.



So is there more to SEO than being number 1 on Google? Of course, there is - but there are a lot of factors that determine the success of a website and whilst the position of a website on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), ‘Being Number 1 on Google’ is not the only one.

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