The Moirae Brand Refreshed

I have always looked at a design agency’s logo in the same way you would judge a dentist’s teeth, or a personal trainer’s physique. By that, I mean it’s usually very easy to ascertain if you practice what you preach. Do you eat your own dog food? Idioms aside, we take our own brand (nearly) as seriously as that of our clients, and decided it was time to pay Moirae a little bit of attention.

Moirae Logo and Signage

The ‘old’ logo certainly stood the test of time (9 years!) but it was beginning to feel slightly tired. The typeface, “Georgia” is becoming dated in a world increasingly dominated by sans serifs and clean lines – indeed there is a disconnect between the logotype and “Gill Sans” used across the rest of our brand. Clear space had always been an issue, with the Moirae star dotting the “i”, it has always been difficult to align the logo in a way that doesn’t look slightly visually unbalanced. Generally, as a forward-thinking, modern company, we thought it was time for us to look ahead.

Moirae Creative newly announced logo

Our new logotype is based on Bebas Neue, but we have modified the corners to fit the whitespace left by the Moirae star. This helps tie the marque in more seamlessly, and indeed it now sits very comfortably inside the ‘counter’ of the letter “R”. The aspect ratio is now much more preferable, and the logotype can just as easily be aligned to the center of a spread as it can to the bottom or top corner. The descriptor has been shortened to “Creative” which unclutters the logo, but it’s still clear what we do.

That said, we understand that a brand is always much more than a logo. We have also tried to make sure that we have a recognisable style which can be applied across all of our output. The Moirae star resonates most, and can be repeated to create a seamless background pattern, as well as being used as a lockup with awards logos.

Moirae Creative Application

You may have noticed that the logo has already been updated on the website, amongst a few other applications. We’ve opted for a soft launch process to best manage the impact on the rest of our business, so keep your eyes peeled for further changes that are afoot!

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