TikTok Ads 2021: A New Era
TikTok Ads 2021: A New Era

TikTok Ads 2021: A New Era

TikTok Is One of the Most Rapidly Growing Social Media Platforms, Can Tiktok Help Your Business Grow Too?

What is TikTok?

Besides being the bane of my life right now... TikTok has become the solution to short burst, video entertainment on the go. The app was initially released in September 2016 and then had its stabilised release in March of 2020. TikTok was previously known as Musical.ly, an inferior version of the app that was then shut down and merged into the app everyone is obsessed with to this day.


Honestly, the app is very consuming. It's perfect for lunch breaks, travelling, socialising and much more. Personally, I find myself watching an unhealthy amount of hilarious Cat videos. Cat's are cool. Period.


How Fast is TikTok Growing?

As of July 2021, TikTok had accumulated over 2 billion app downloads. A large portion of download shave led to frequent usage of the app with approximately 690 million monthly active users worldwide.


Is TikTok a Good Advertising Platform?

If you're considering investing in TikTok ads, 2021 is the perfect time to get on board. Given the rapid growth and large volume of current active users, it's an incredible opportunity to get your brand out there to the right people, based on the content they love. For example, if someone is viewing lots of construction content they're more likely going to see construction-related ads.


TikTok ads is an easy and affordable way to make great, visual campaigns. All it takes is a dash of creativity and the right approach to get people on board... Who knows, you might even start the next big TikTok trend!



Without a doubt, TikTok will be a fresh, new way to reach your ideal audience. Currently, we don't offer TikTok Ads due to the platform being relatively new, but let's see this as an opportunity for us all. With the right interest, we could be running the next best TikTok Ads campaign, just for you!

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