Why a £5K Website Is better than a £500 Website
Why a £5K Website Is better than a £500 Website

Why a £5K Website Is better than a £500 Website

Running a business is expensive. Ask any business owner or budget handler, everywhere you look, somebody is after your money – subscriptions for the latest software, networking & tradeshow planners, service providers. The worst thing is, you can’t escape, as you need them for business survival!

It makes a website seem like an additional cost, and how can you justify spending £5k on a brand-new website?

What does paying more get you?

Its true, we charge ‘a lot’. Maybe even the most expensive in Doncaster.

Some of you may be happy to know that you don’t NEED to spend £5k on a website. There are plenty of businesses out there who would be happy to knock you up a ‘bodge job’ website for £500. Though I wouldn’t recommend it.

Here is why you should pay more.

Should you decide to go with a cheaper website, the chances are it is going to be poorly built by novices. This could mean you are at a considerably higher risk of being hacked, which would be disastrous if you have an e-commerce offering. The security vulnerabilities are rife among poorly built sites.

Usually, cheap sites have a lack of call to action and the user experience lacks any sort of effectiveness. Without these, it becomes difficult for your site to generate sales enquiries.

It's time for you to know – websites are NOT built the same.

Using a free WordPress template to fill in boxes with text and images is not enough to give your business any identity. You will find that your website looks the same as millions of others in the same market

Having a unique website in your arsenal can be the difference between business success or business failure.

Good vs Bad Site

A cheap website may seem an attractive proposition at first. But, with the problems it brings, it will cost you a hell of a lot more in the long term.

Bad websites:

  • Poor loading speed.
  • Poor design layout.
  • Unclear user experience.
  • Not responsive (doesn’t work on mobiles).
  • Not SEO optimised.
  • Could be here forever listing many more.

Good websites:

  • Clear and concise design
  • Fast load speeds
  • Easily accessible information
  • Built with analytics set up
  • SEO optimised (easy to find in search engines)
  • Mobile optimised
  • Do I need to mention any more?

Cheap websites don’t deliver. Not before too long of having a cheap site created, you will be in the market sourcing prices for another. They really aren’t worth the hassle.

Why we can charge more

We are a multi-award winning full-service design agency, and so we can add value and advise what marketing campaigns you can set up to achieve the most out of your website.

Not only that, we have won international awards for the websites we have created, and we have also helped our clients collectively have achieved more than £1 million in revenue. Our websites deliver insanely profitable results, and we can prove it.

If you are not sold by now – here is a breakdown of our process and how we add value.

We advise

Let’s face it. The reason you are looking to talk with an agency proves that you have limited knowledge and are looking for someone to guide you. We help, advice, and explain the reasons behind all our decisions and designs.

We as professionals know what works, and what doesn’t. Our customers tell us that its refreshing to hear honest advice, and even more, they trust in our ability to provide an effective website.

We keep our customers updated always. This means we involve you to sign off every stage of homepage design all the way through to the build of a new website. You will only be delivered your brand-new website if you are 100% happy with the end-product and service.

We build bespoke

There are many web design ‘specialists’ out there that claim to offer unique design when this clearly isn’t the case.

PLEASE do your research before choosing an agency to deliver you a new website.

Look at case studies and examples of previous work. Check to see if the websites they have produced a look similar. If they have the same layout, stay clear.

Everything we design at Moirae Creative is unique to the identity of our customer. Our aim is to generate enquiries for you and make you stand out in a crowded market, which I’m sure you will agree, is vital to success in business.

We show you how to use the website

Websites are stressful and If you don’t know how to use them, it can be detrimental to your productivity to both yourself and your business.

We offer in-depth training to ensure you become competent in using the content management of the website. The training is tailored to all levels of capabilities, as we know not everyone out there is an internet genius.

We take the burden away and make it easy for you to add and change images to your site in the back-end system.

If you do start to struggle, then give us a call and we will get you back in the office to top up your skills. We are always on hand to help and have the team and flexibility to support you and your new website.

We make it SEO optimised

Alt tags, permalinks, page headings, file names, confusing right? Worry not, we’ve got you covered.

We have a lot of experience in search engine optimisation. In fact, we have specialists that work for us doing just that. When we build sites, we make it clear to you what boxes you need to fill in, and what information needs to be added when adding something new.

Can you be confident that a website built for £500 has all this covered? You are thinking twice now, aren’t you?

Most agencies don’t consider SEO when building new websites. If you are interested in ranking higher in search engines such as Google, visit our services page for more information.

We don’t desert you

Unlike many agencies, we stay with you and keep you updated throughout the duration of the project. Having a new website created can be an exciting yet nervous time. The mind can race thinking about how your new website will look. Will it give out right impression? Will customers be able to get in touch? We won’t be segregating our market, will we?

We alleviate this stress and ensure you get a fully functional website that represents your identity and generates results.


Hopefully, through reading this article you’ll understand why a £5k website is better than a £500 one. And, why you need to be careful with your selection process before choosing an agency to design and build your new website.

The process we use to build websites has won international awards and is proven to generate an ROI.

We go through the same process whatever industry you are in, and our experience is purposefully spread across a wide variety of sectors.

Ultimately, this process takes time which is the reason a £5k website is better than a £500 one.

It is worth is worth it, especially if you take a look at our portfolio and read some of the reviews we’ve had.


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