Why Bespoke Websites Are Ideal For Businesses

Bespoke web design and development isn’t a common service provided. If you do a little research and try to discover the system your website is designed and built on, you are likely to find that the template or theme used on your website is used elsewhere on the web.

Many agencies and ‘web design specialists’ claim to offer unique and bespoke websites, yet they simply purchase a theme and fill in the blank boxes with text and images, leaving your website looking the same as millions of others. Not exactly ideal, considering most businesses need to stand out in crowded markets.

Here are a few reasons why a bespoke website is ideal for your business….

Unique Design

With using systems such as WordPress and Wix – there are thousands of prebuilt solutions and templates that are tailored towards specific industries. Over time of course, they become less unique due to their familiarity. Whilst most pre-built templates do have the capabilities to tweak and change layouts, there is still no hiding the fact that they don’t have the potential to help a business stand out from their competition.

As industry professionals, we see hundreds of agencies charge ridiculous fees for ‘bespoke web design’. To some extent, they are not lying. By changing a few text and image box’s around, they believe they are offering you a unique website. Though as professionals we can assure you that this will not get you an authentic and unique design for your website.

Do your research and make sure to ask, ‘What system are you building my website on’? If the answer is WordPress – RUN!!

Development and Optimisation

In our opinion, one of the biggest limitations of a theme or template is the inability to progress the site and optimise over time. To integrate certain payment, CRM and project management systems for a template, you can use plugins. But, as your website grows older, these plugins can become unreliable, bug riddled and highly insecure. Developed by third parties, these plugins could not only clash when used in combination with other plugins, but also with general system updates across the template platform.

Plugins developed by third parties can generally include unnecessary code which can make your site more sluggish and less responsive.

With a ‘bespoke website’, you alleviate the stress of the above, as your site will have the potential to grow with the latest web technology.


As I have briefly touched on, template websites can cause serious problem when it comes to security. In fact , a client of ours, before they met us, used to use a WordPress template. Their website was hacked, and they had important data leaked. The hacker added a big white and black skull that covered their entire homepage. Scary, right?

If you own a bespoke website, then hackers would need to target it specifically and run lots of tools to find out where the admin area is, where the database is stored, etc. This makes the process far more time consuming, and therefore less appealing.

Template systems tend to have the same login, admin, and database location area, basically a golden opportunity for a hacker to work their magic.

Obviously, no website is safe from a superbly talented hacker, but having a bespoke and well coded website makes trying to hack your site a waste of time when there are easier targets out there.


So, why are bespoke website ideal for your business?

-       Not easily replicated.

-       Fully responsive.

-       Safe and secure.

-       Potential for development and optimisation.

-       Unique identity.

-       Lastly, value for money.

Should you be considering a new website, make sure to ask the right questions. We would happily have a conversation with you and talk you through any concerns you may have.

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