Reworking a "What's on" guide for Doncaster's top performance venue


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Marketing Collateral

Cast, Doncaster’s theatre, opened in 2013 and welcomes audiences and participants of all ages from across the borough of Doncaster and beyond. Their programme is eclectic, imaginative and takes risks.

Cast Theatre Marketing Collateral


Cast have always produced a "What's On" guide on a seasonal basis, but to kick off 2020's programme we were tasked with re-imagining the piece. Surveys had showed that the existing guides had too much text, and the information about each show needed to be easier to identify and read.

Inside Cover
Cast Brochure Inside Cover
Brochure Pages
Cast Brochure Pages

Creative design

We are experienced in working within existing brand guidelines whilst still being creative and can work across any marketing channel to produce artwork.

Cast Brochure Pages


After reviewing the survey results and analysing the previous artwork, we began by creating 4 concepts which all aimed to make the new guide more image-focussed and the key information more easily accessible. After presenting these to the client we both agreed that an A5 version offered the most consistent and presentable layouts. We also added colour coded events and prioritised key information such as ticket price and event dates.

Diary Pages
Cast Brochure Diary Pages


The team at Cast gave us great feedback and were particularly happy with our interpretation of their brand. As Cast's creative partner we continue to work with them to improve their marketing collateral, and we will continue to produce further versions of the What's On guide on a seasonal basis.

Cast Brochure