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CPH2 was established in 2012 with the ambition to help clean up the environment for our children and future generations. They have developed a Membrane-Free Electrolyser™ to produce hydrogen faster, more reliably, and more cost-effectively than other electrolysers.

CPH2 Photography


Having worked with CPH2 to create a responsive website, they approached us to conduct environmental photography in their workplace in Doncaster as well as a selection of company portraits. The main challenges were shooting in a busy and unfamiliar environment, and making sure we captured the most important parts of each piece of equipment.

Branded Hi-Vis Vest
CPH2 Branded Hi-Vis Vest
Environmental Photography
CPH2 Environmental Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words

High quality photography can be an important asset to help communicate your business and message more effectively

Company Portraits
CPH2 Company Portraits


Before conducting any photography we undertook a brief reconnaissance of the premises, to gain an understanding of which areas we would need to shoot, and what equipment would be required. We then built up each shot individually whilst working with the client to ensure that each image had the correct focus. For the company portraits we spent time making sure our lighting setup was correct first to make the shooting process as smooth as possible.

Environmental Photography
CPH2 Environmental Photography


After shooting, we then selected the best images in post production and retouched them where necessary. We had great feedback from the team at CPH2 and we continue to use the images on their website and across various marketing materials.

CPH2 Photography