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Furukawa Electric Co Ltd. is a Japanese electric and electronics equipment company. The company was founded by Furukawa Ichibei in 1884 in Yokohama when a copper-smelting facility and a wire manufacturing factory were established

Green Trough and EFLEX Branding & Creative


We were tasked with creating a sub branding system for two of Furukawa's key products: Green Trough and Eflex. We had to determine the correct branding hierarchy and also create logos which represented each product suitably. We also required to design a professional and informative brochure to feature the product range and communicate the key benefits. One challenge was that we had limited and inconsistent images of each product available.

Eflex Logo
Eflex Logo
Green Trough Logo
Green Trough Logo

Cable Management Brochure
Cable Management Brochure


First of all we held kickstarter meetings with the client to better understand their business and product range. Following this we took the decision to create an endorsed branding system which sits beneath the Furukawa parent brand but still work independently of it. We used a cross section of each product as inspiration for the brand marks, and also used colour to help distinguish between the two brands. This created a branding system that works for both products and could be easily replicable for future product based brands.

Furukawa Branding Colours
Furukawa Typography


After a collaborative design process and selecting the best route possible, we created a thorough and comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure the brand can be applied consistently in the future. We also created a visual and compelling brochure to communicate the benefits of the cable management product range.