Moirae Creative's Activity Day

Moirae Creative's Activity Day @ Moirae Towers

Where should I begin? Our Moirae Activity Day was such a great success, not only for our friendship but a great day communicating and understanding each other’s views and opinions on aspects which could be seen from hundreds of angles.

Our First activity of the day at Moirae consisted of ourselves working as a pair and creating some architectural structures using some secret supplies from the supermarket. The supplies and components consisted of spaghetti and jelly babies, this was a task designed not for the faint hearted but intellectual advanced, creative geniuses.

I was teamed with one of our trailing students from Doncaster College named Mitchell. We worked together to design an incredible and outstanding architectural structure which was to win the overall prize, which was an applause. Rather than the competition, it was more of a bonding session to understand others views and share each other’s views and achieve a plan which worked well and could withstand the weight of a balloon. Yes, that's correct, a balloon. We need to design something which could hold the balloon in place while still standing without tilting over. 

First victory went to Mark and Patrick who won with an astonishing architectural tower which could withstand the heavy weight of the balloon. The Activity was such a success, we decided to eat the jelly babies afterwards because there was no shame in a treatable victory for us all. 

Our Second activity of the Moirae Team Building Day consisted of ourselves heading outside and huddling together like penguins. We did this sort of activity so it would involve all of us working together rather than just two of us. This required more communication between all of us to solve this out. We gathered in a circle, held hands and sang around the camp fire...I'm kidding. We stood in the circle, linked hands and then was instructed to make ourselves tangled.

So once we was tangled, we needed to untangle ourselves but remembering how we became tangled wasn't apparent as we didn't know we would be needing to untangle ourselves. It didn't take very long until we figured how to untangle ourselves but it was such a great experience and great use of communication and strategy thinking skills with the group. 

Our Third activity may have to be the funniest and most enjoyable task of the day, well for me it was. It involved again working as pairs to establish a controllable and supportive structure which could withstand impact of the floor from about a two stories high. We was given some newspapers, duck tape and an egg.

Yes, this is why it was such a laugh, it involved an egg. I was partnered with Paul in the task which lead us with an advantage, Paul’s creative mind and my amazing planning techniques quickly established a good layout and planning on how we will do this. We was given only round 30 minutes to design and build our ultimate structure in which would be put to the test. 

It was coming to the end of the time and we was close to finishing, we had about one minute spare to the clock when we was finished so we waited for the remainder of the 60 seconds by praising our egg with hope and strength before he went on his journey. We even gave it a kiss because we heard it's good luck to kiss your eggs, but we about to find out whether that was true or not. 

We decided that we'd go first with our attempt, and the countdown was mind-blowing. We wasn't sure what was going to happen, to make it fair, David held the structures and let them go out of the window. Once David let go of the build, well. Let's just say things went a little eggy afterwards, it flew to the ground and smashed on impact which ended with laughter from the rest of the guys. I was left in tears from laughter from just realising how much it didn't go to plan but it didn't end there. We went and sat outside where the eggs where being left to fly and manage to find some front row seats.

Second to test the structure was Matthew and Patrick, which called themselves the delicious developers. Their build consisted of some sort of musical instrument, it looked like a drum but covered in duck tape. I had a lot of faith in it but as soon as that left that window, it flew to the ground quicker than mine and Paul's structure which again, left me in stitches seeing it fly to the ground. And of course, there was only one left which was Marks and Mitchell's which left with an Victory as the egg didn't crack. Which was later taken home and had for someone's dinner. 

And that was Moirae Creative's Activity Day, such a great success! I'm really looking forward to our next activity day together, if it involves more eggs, I might think about bringing some bread with me for some eggs and soldiers afterwards. 

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