Moirae Launch Cirque Website
Moirae Launch Cirque Website

Moirae Launch Cirque Website

As a Doncaster based business, we always feel proud when local businesses approach us to work with them.

We have recently launched Cirques’ new website. Cirque came to us as they required a refined website to showcase the values and courses they currently offer.

Vanessa Sullivan, Director of Cirque said ‘Moirae have helped us to refocus our website to create better user experience, with the launch of the new website we hope to see Cirque go from strength to strength within the community’.

The issue with the current site was the confusion it created around what Cirque does and what they offer to their students. We needed to create a striped back version of the website which directs students, parents and councils quickly to the correct information on referrals, whilst still maintaining the brand identity.

‘Cirque has been a great client to work with, the brand is bright and interesting, and we love the work they do within the local community to improve the education of young people’ said our Business Development Manager, Alex Hilton.

Cirque is a bespoke registered training and education provider dedicated to providing learning and development regardless of background, personal situation or current skills. They have a passion for people and goal is to teach, learn and inspire to make our community stronger.

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