Moirae Launch Renewi Branding
Moirae Launch Renewi Branding

Moirae Launch Renewi Branding

This quarter for Moirae has seen the exciting launch of the Waste Less South Yorkshire brand.

The idea behind the new brand identity is to ‘recycle’ the letters as a metaphor for wasting less, to be reflective of the brand's goals. We have continued this theme throughout the branding and the design of the materials themselves are also resourceful in reusing letters.

We were tasked with creating a brand which resonated with a wide demographic to help effect behaviour change, creating various user profiles to truly understand the target audience was a key stage of the research undertaken for the brand. The colours for the brand are synonymous with recycling whilst also providing an alternative to usual, stale colour palettes in the sector. Using textured and illustrative approach to marketing materials to reflect the roughness and embrace the imperfections of recycled products or leftovers.

Dan Jones, Head of Design at Moirae said ‘Working on behaviour change campaigns is a challenge I always look forward to and Waste Less South Yorkshire has been no exception. It has been very interesting to get under the skin of non-recyclers and has required a different creative approach to other projects.

The launch of the brand is part of wider project to reduce waste across South Yorkshire. Completion of the Waste Less South Yorkshire brand will see the commencement of the design and development of the new website to provide South Yorkshire residents with hints and tips for reducing waste and recycling.

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