Moirae Massive January

This month it was Matthew and myself that was picked as the lucky pair. This was something I was looking forward to as we don’t normally get the chance to work together on a day to day basis. It was time to get our thinking caps on as all the team had asked us not to incorporate food - we just had the Christmas break and were fed up of the sight of it.

Matthew had an idea of making the Moirae Massive last all week, so we went away and had a good think. Between us it was decided that we would hide small Plastic eggs around the office, each containing number and every member of the team had to find one during the week. This didn’t last long because as soon as the first one was discovered, everyone hunted until they had found one. This lasted all of half an hour - so much for it being all week long!

The other part of the plan was to buy 4 prizes (all still in our £25 budget), put them in bags and seal them up so no one knew what they were. This would be a raffle with a twist. We knew this wouldn’t last all afternoon so we thought we’d bring some board games to play after.

So, late Friday afternoon we gathered the team in the boardroom to reveal the reason behind the numbers. Everyone’s numbers were put in a hat and drawn. Mark’s number was first out and had to pick a bag. Once picked, he could choose to open it and show everyone or keep its contents a secret. Matt’s number was next out and this was when it started getting interesting - Matt could either ‘Steal’ Mark’s gift or pick another. Matt decided to pick another gift and again he could show everyone or keep it a secret.

Next up was David who straight away wanted to ‘Steal’ Matt’s prize. I’m not sure if Matt was happy or disappointed about this. Patrick’s number was the last out and he wanted to shake things up a little more so he then ‘Stole’ Mark’s prize. As Mark was the first to be pick and didn’t have a prize we stated again. Mark choose to pick another prize bag off the table which left Matt with nothing and one bag left. What would Matt do?

All the team were trying to get Matt to pick the gift off them so they could have to last one. This didn’t happen he ended it all by choosing the last bag. Now it was time to open the gifts and reveal to everyone what they had got.

  • Mark had a mini Deodorant, shower gel and hair gel.
  • Patrick got a Marvel stationary kit.                               
  • David was very excited as he had 4 bottles of different beers.
  • Matt received a £10 gift voucher of his choice.

It was difficult for me and Matthew to come up with gifts that everyone would like as every team member likes something different, but I think it worked out well!

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