BBC Three reveals its striking new Logo

Ahead of their digital crossover on the February 16th, BBC Three revealed their brand spanking new logo to polarised opinions, conflicted arguments across Social Media and a comparison to the logo created in the BBC Parody comedy series, W1A.

The brand new BBC Three design represents three roman numerals which can be interpreted as two and an exclamation mark - the third numeral does show an exclamation mark but is part of the three principles that underpin everything it does:

"The first is ‘make me think’… The second is ‘make me laugh’… The third, the exclamation mark is ‘give me voice’" says Niki Carr, Head of Marketing at BBC Three.  

BBC Three Logos

With digital becoming the essence of mobile, it is important for the logo to work both on TV and also as an App Icon. Niki Carr said that “Some people are resistant to change and wanted to be bold and create something that looks forward and will be around for years to come”.

From the first point of view, I instantly saw the three numerals - I didn’t recognise the logo for what it founded on as there’s no indication of direction for that. As a whole, I feel like it’s something that can be around for years to come but has disadvantages such as:

Consistency - whether BBC are planning on rebranding all the other channels from BBC 1 to BBC 4 to a symbol based logo. As it currently sits, it’s not on brand with the franchise.

Appropriate - Niki Carr said it has always focused on the 16-34 demographic, with the purpose of providing ‘innovative’ content to the younger audience. Being part of that audience group, I feel that the logo isn’t appropriate because it can send mixed messages.

  •   Is there two roman numerals and you are shouting about it?

Overall, it’s a sleek, modern and efficient logo that showcases and represents BBC Three. Let’s just hope we don’t have a timeline of roman numerals throughout the BBC franchise, BBC I, BBC II, BBC II! and BBC III!

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