Moirae Rebrand National Football Franchise
Moirae Rebrand National Football Franchise

Moirae Rebrand National Football Franchise

We were commissioned by Mini Kicks, Founder and Managing Director Ben Hunter to rebrand and help take the new ‘Kixx’ to the next level.

Founded in 2011, Mini Kicks fast became a leading brand in children’s football coaching, growing to 10,000 children coached weekly, up and down the country. As Ben looked to grow the business and the franchise network, the market became crowded with competing copy-cat businesses. Ben tasked us to ensure the new brand and name lifted them above that.

After a series of workshops and sessions, it became apparent that Mini Kicks had already built a strong reputation as market leader, and the new brand didn’t need to be as literal as the competition. Our strategy was to rename the business as ‘Kixx’, and remove any overt visual language such as crude footballing mascots from the branding.

The new Kixx brand elevates them from the noisy crowd and allows them to stand out as market leaders in their sector, whilst simultaneously simplifying what they do.

Kixx Founder, Ben Hunter, stated: “There were so many different service areas for Mini Kicks that the name didn’t really tell the whole story anymore. We want our mission to continue, to help as many children as possible, and I believe the rebrand puts us in a better position to make an even greater impact.”

The new brand and sub brands keep the name Kixx clean, and pure. While icons are used to steer the sub brands to the chosen target market, all the time Kixx remains the focus, and the customer for each market always references them as Kixx.

We have worked with Ben and his team to ensure a smooth role out across 40 towns and cities in the UK and to ensure every franchisee, coach, child and parent is still in part for the family and in love with #TeamOrange

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