Moirae's Big Christmas Giveaway

This Holiday season, we decided to shake things up and use a progressive way of getting all our followers into the Christmas spirit. We are currently using emojis in one of our social media campaigns as a forward-thinking approach to connect with our social media audience.

 On our Facebook and Instagram pages, we are hosting an interactive giveaway where we are asking every day for the month of December if you can guess our Christmas emoji song.

We have experimented with the use of emojis in campaigns before but never anything like this. This has been an interesting campaign so far, with hundreds of entries and engagement from people everywhere.




Emojis are a form of communication everyone knows and loves. People enjoy both the challenge of figuring out the puzzle and obviously, the thrill of a competition, making this one of our most popular social media campaigns to date.

In order to win an Amazon Gift card, we are asking people to figure out the title of a Christmas song, described through emojis, engaging with our page in the process. We will be posting out images every day until Christmas, with entries remaining open until 31/12/2017. And the best bit? People can enter on each post, with a total of 25 entries!

So to get into the Christmas spirit yourself, have a bit of fun and maybe win something - come play ‘Guess The Christmas Song’ on our Facebook page  or visit us on Instagram


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