Mr Scratchings Launch New Pack Designs
Mr Scratchings Launch New Pack Designs

Mr Scratchings Launch New Pack Designs

We have completed a full rebrand for Mr Scratchings, giving a more well rounded and impactful feel to their company and products.

The new consumer packaging created by us is a result of a major rebranding effort which has spanned over one year. In 2017, as a result of their rapid growth, the business began to understand the complexities with their brand and how consumers were confused by the name of the business Mr Scratchings Ltd, and the name of their most popular product range Mr Scratchings.

We developed a product brand which stands side by side with the company brand and does not confuse the consumer.

Our Head Designer, Dan Jones, stated: “We have developed a new family of brands for Mr Scratchings which focus on clearly differentiating between different areas of the growing business. We updated the pig illustration to create a friendly and characterful sub brand to be used across the company’s range of pork snacks.”

He added: “We reshot each product for the packaging and the design focusses on the special blend of seasoning used in the products, which is a key selling point. The parent brand, “Mr Scratchings” has been simplified to remove any reference to the pork snacks and can now be used more confidently alongside a wider range of products.”

The vibrant and impactful pack layout includes multiple visual elements such as prominent colour coding for the different product packs; Pork Crackling, Spicy Pork Crackling, Pork Crunch and Pork Scratchings.

Roger Gladman, Managing Director, Mr Scratchings, commented: “The task to rebrand and repositions not only our products, but our business as well, has been a long time coming. We now have the confidence to appropriately showcase our world-famous pork snack products on a larger scale.”

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