We’ve given a new look to Whites of Old Cantley

We’ve been working with White’s of Old Cantley to create an exciting new rebrand.

The new look, is fantastic, even if we do say so ourselves! White’s of Old Cantley felt that their original branding needed a fresh approach so we’ve refined the company’s brand and logo, creating a new fresh feel for the business.

It has been a real pleasure working with the White’s of Old Cantley, this family business has been farming for five generations and has recently diversified into new markets.


They were keen to work with a local company and we are delighted that they chose us. The new logo and branding that we created are now on White’s of Old Cantley’s traditional products which include various flavours of rapeseed oil and on their new, soon-to-be-launched, lip balms and massage oils.

White’s of Old Cantley have created three flavours of lip balm: Mango, Coconut and Mixed Berries and three types of massage oil: Relax and Rejuvenate, Uplift and Invigorate and Muscle Ease.


This has been a great project and we will look forward to seeing our design on shelves across the country.

Part of our rebranding process involved refining White’s existing identity which already carried their strong reputation, but required some attention in order to be more effective. For the brand mark, we simplified the rapeseed flowers which made the logo considerably less cluttered and much more visually balanced.


In terms of packaging design, we were able to make the rapeseed oil labels much clearer and more impactful by using a different Pantone reference for each flavour, working closely alongside White’s to select the perfect combination of hues.

We are extremely proud of our design work on this project, it showcases our ability to work with an existing brand, understand their strategic direction and refresh their image accordingly.


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