What Value do you get from a Website Builder?
What Value do you get from a Website Builder?

What Value do you get from a Website Builder?

There has always been that fine line between what people think about a Design Agency and a Website Builder. Fine line referring to ‘What is the Difference?’. As you could imagine, as an agency, it’s quite stressful – it can be sometimes be compared to what the difference is between Pepsi Max and Coca Cola but there’s more to it than just taste. It’s the finer ingredients that matter.

Understanding the Difference between an Agency and Website Builder.

Let’s begin with the basic, ‘What is the difference?’. A website builder can be either FREE or PAID related services in which is a web-based system which allows the ability to create limited free websites. There’s a huge list of limitations with Website Builders, some being that you are limited to the functionality ability, whether that be you wanted to animate specific elements on the site in a particular way or integrate other software such as Jupix, Ebay, Amazon or even payment suppliers in some cases.

Your FREE services are your very basic structured websites, which complies to a template which could be used by thousands of users around the world, so why make a site which isn’t unique to your business? We know why, because it’s a cheap solution. While on your PAID services are a little more advanced and can offer additional functionality such as export functionality, custom themes (still not unique) and on-going support.

These web-based website builders offering on-going support is a great way to entice users who are unfamiliar with systems, but you’ll find yourself waiting in a queue to speak to a customer service advisor. So, ask yourself, is it really worth it?

So, let’s talk about the difference if time was invested into Design Agency. The user journey from the very start is a unique and specific process. We sit-down and discuss the options available based on the requirements and talk about the best process to proceed and identify key targets of the website.

We don’t just leave this up to you, we make sure the whole process is explained, allowing you to get an understanding of how things work on the web. We’ll take control of all the technical bits and you focus on the business side of things – it’s what you do best.

Have a list of goals you want to achieve from the website? Perfect! We can explain the opportunities and outline requirements needed to achieve those goals. Every step of the journey is guided, allowing for a better understanding of what’s required.

Not quite the technical minded to handle the website? Don’t worry, we deliver a full package training session to explain the ins and outs of the website. We all forget things and that’s why with our dedicated hosting, we offer ongoing support over the phone in which we can walk through the Content Management System.

As a Business, you shouldn’t see this as a cost but as an investment.

So what real value do you get from a website builder?

As our point of view, if you want a budgeted website that gets your name on the web, then website builders are for you. But if you are looking to make a presence on the website with a unique and full custom site with aims and objectives and the ability for a dedicated account manager to support you through any queries / questions you may have, then a design agency is your choice of action.

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