Why you Should Invest in Google Ads
Why you Should Invest in Google Ads

Why you Should Invest in Google Ads

When you are looking to drive more sales and enquiries via your website it is important to always have long and short-term goals. While organic search can often lead to a more sustainable source of sales and enquiries, it always has to be seen as a long-term goal.


Getting on the first page for your targeted keywords can often take time, and you will always face competition from those that rank above you. Google Ads can give you that instant hit and placement at the top of the search results. Clearly there will also be competition and it comes at a price, but the good news is with a good quality scoring ad, the correct bid amount, and a great landing page Google Ads can deliver a great return on investment.


How often do you visit a website for the first time and made an instant purchase or enquiry? Most people will say very rarely. In the current information age, and the world of the internet, people want to research, compare and analyse options before making that purchase or enquiry. Google Remarketing allows you to promote you brand to those people after they hit your website for the very first time, having ads follow them around the internet and on social media, reminding them of you. The average conversion rate of a remarketing campaign is around 5%, but don’t forget you only ever pay when someone click the ad, so all the time the billboard is displaying your brand you don’t pay a penny. It’s a very cost effect marketing strategy.


Have you tried Google Ads without success? Moirae Creative are Google Partner and for no cost at all will do you a health check of your ads and see where you are going wrong, and furthermore if we can add value. Don’t be afraid to give us a buzz on 01302 511991 or a quick email to hello@moirae.co.uk and we’ll arrange a coffee and a natter with one of our Google accredited experts.

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