Creating a new brand for a revolutionary new upcycling technology


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APFU (Advanced Paper Fibre Upcycling) - developed by Furukawa Electric - is a unique and revolutionary technology that changes the way paper and plastic is recycled/upcycled.

APFU Branding


Having developed a revolutionary new technology that blends together traditionally difficult to recycle materials, Furukawa approached us to create a new brand identity to bring their idea to market. Having created sub brands in the past on behalf of Furukawa, we needed to also consider APFU as part of their wider branding architecture as part of the project.

APFU branding logo
APFU typefaces
APFU branding typefaces

More than just a logo.

Your brand is not just a logo. It is the sum total of all the experiences someone has with your company, and the way it makes that person feel.

APFU Colour Palette
APFU Branding Colours


Given that APFU is aimed at a very different market to Furukawa's other products and services, we decided to create a 'standalone' brand which does not reference the parent brand. Our chosen idea was a wordmark which features an upwards arrow as part of the letter "A", to reference upcycling. We complimented this with the tagline "Upcycling Technology" to communicate what APFU is as concisely as possible.

APFU Brochure Design
APFU Branding Brochure Design


To deliver the brand to Furukawa we created a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to ensure the branding gets consistently applied and rolled out in the future. We also went on to produce a variety of collateral using the new branding including a landing page, brochure and branded merchandise.

APFU Branding Pens