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CPH2 was established in 2012 with the ambition to help clean up the environment for our children and future generations. They have developed a Membrane-Free Electrolyser™ to produce hydrogen faster, more reliably, and more cost-effectively than other electrolysers.

CPH2 Web Design & Build


CPH2 approached us with the requirement for a brand new brochure style website to explain their company and technology. This was a brand new website for a rapidly developing company so it was important to CPH2 that they would be able to regularly and easily update content themselves. We also needed to make sure the website was fully responsive and accessible across all devices.

Why Hydrogen? Page
CPH2 Website Why Hydrogen? Page
CPH2 Website Mobile Page Designs

Responsive web design

We design our websites to work seamlessly across multiple devices whether that is mobile, tablet or desktop.


We worked closely with the team at CPH2 to create website designs and original illustrations that really communicated their technology. We used Umbraco as our CMS of choice which allowed CPH2 to update content on the go, and we also created specific mobile and tablet designs to make sure the website responded seamlessly to changes in device size.

Investors page
CPH2 Website Investors page
About Page
CPH2 Website About Page


Following the build of the site we held a CMS training session with the client to ensure they were able to launch their website and take full advantage of all the features of Umbraco. We have had great feedback from the team at CPH2 and continued to work with their team to create a new investors section on their website and develop their branding and marketing further.