Moirae Massive Treasure Hunt
Moirae Massive Treasure Hunt

Moirae Massive Treasure Hunt

Ahoy fellow adventures, it is I, Captain Matt and welcome to Moirae Massive’s Treasure Hunt. This month’s Moirae Massive consisted of Steph and myself secretly planning the event. We needed something which would outdo the previous one, kindly planned by Matthew and Mark which was the Glorious Moirae Massive BBQ.

The setup for this Month involved something new; something which required teamwork and good communication skills. We thought that a Treasure Hunt would be the ideal candidate in this scenario as it’s something different but yet still unique.

As per the agreements of the Moirae Massive, we were limited to a strict budget of £25 (we cannot go over, but can go less.) We managed to plan the event out in intense detail, ensuring that nothing was being missed. We had our regular boardroom meetings to discuss the outcomes of what’s going where and what sort of resources we needed.

The Moirae Massive

We decided if it’s going to be a pirate themed event, we’d need eye patches. We had the thought about wooden legs but we thought due to safety regulations it wouldn’t be suitable. We planned out four puzzles throughout Sandall Park using print outs of bird’s-eye views to pinpoint the locations.

The first puzzle consisted of being given a bag containing multiple items; some useful and some very pointless to confuse them. The bag contained a map which showed the location of the first clue in which they would use to allocate the first piece of the puzzle.

It didn’t take long for the group to find and figure out the first puzzle. The first clue was hidden away in a tree, with a balloon tied next to it. They were given a crossword puzzle, which gave the clue to the next piece of the puzzle. The questions were related to Moirae, such as “What is the name of the Greek God of War?” The puzzle was quickly solved and the hunters were given another location to where the next clue would be.

This second puzzle was a tough cookie for the group, as it involved finding Moirae Monkey. But where could he be in the wide open area? It took a good solid 5 minutes to find his whereabouts. He wasn’t hanging around in a tree; he was chilling in a bush.

Monkey supplied the fellow adventurers with another clue and map, leading to the next location. This clue had a riddle which had a similar outcome to the previous one: spelling out a clue to find the next piece of the puzzle.

This clue spelt out with chocolate coins which was a struggle for the fellow pirates. I gave hints of colder and warmer to where they could find the clue. It took a good solid 5 minutes to find the clue and good 15 minutes to solve the riddle. The riddle included letters on the back of each coin, which would spell out the final clue to the treasure.

I didn’t help out with this riddle, more of a confusion to them as I forgot the wording myself which made it even harder to solve the riddle. After a good quality 15 minutes, and a text later to Steph, the riddle was solved: ‘End with a Smile’, part of the Moirae’s slogan. The mighty pirates walked the plank to the treasure location and found Steph holding a chest full of goodies matey!

The Moirae Massive

The treasure chest contained party gifts, sweets, chocolates, cakes and drinks in which we all sat down and enjoyed on the warm summers day. We also even had a few minutes to play on the Park, in which we sat in Moirae’s Tractor, the finest tractor in all the lands and also our rocketship.

We’re all excited for the next Moirae Massive after this quality event, truly well planned and thought out.


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