The 12 “Marketing” Days Of Christmas

Christmas is one of the most epic times of the year and to celebrate this, the Moirae team went and made your next Christmas number one, ‘The 12 “Marketing” Days Of Christmas’ .

We decided to create a Christmas song this year to stand out from the crowd, something we always try and do here at Moirae and if you’ve seen the video I’m sure you’ll agree.

We stepped outside of our comfort zones, put on our ugliest Christmas jumpers and did something we have never done before. The aim is to give our followers a bit of a laugh over the festive season, we certainly had one creating it.




The Christmas video see’s every member of the Moirae team produce a lyric to the popular song ‘12 Days Of Christmas’. We made every line applicable to what each one of us does in our job roles, and not only is the song relatable to us as a team, but to anyone working in the creative industry.

So on the 12th day of December we spent our day filming and recording one and other, the Christmas spirit was in full effect.




The 12 “Marketing” Days of Christmas has been one of our more ambitious projects and we are sure there are more like this to come.

So turn your volume loud, get your Christmas jumpers on and have a listen to Moirae’s first Christmas single and let's all settle into the holiday spirit

Enjoy! And feel free to let us know your thoughts :)



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