The Glorious Moirae Massive Activity
The Glorious Moirae Massive Activity

The Glorious Moirae Massive Activity

What do you and your team do on your lunch break? At Moirae, we’ve introduced a reward scheme each month, known as the glorious ‘Moirae Massive’.

Each month, names of the entire Moirae team are placed into a hat and two of us are picked out at random. Once picked, we’re given a strict budget of £25 to organise and plan something which all the team can enjoy (whilst secretly doubling up as a team-building exercise!) As you can imagine, trying to arrange an activity around everyone's packed schedules, making sure to pick a day when we're all together seems pretty hard to do but not impossible. To make the event all the more interesting, it's kept as a surprise from all but the two organisers until the day itself.

This requires strategic planning, which mostly involves meeting in the kitchen to make coffees allowing the Moirae Massive to be discussed in private. It was Mark and myself who were chosen as the Moirae Massive this month, and we were determined to make it one to remember. There weren't too many good weather days forecasted, but thanks to a bit of luck, the chosen day was set to be a scorcher.

The morning of the day involved a quick trip to the local supermarket to pick up some supplies and we were set. Mark nipped outside just before lunchtime to set up the event, which involved the Moirae Team enjoying a quality barbecue cooked by the finest chef in Doncaster, Young Torrington himself! I brought along my Croquet set and lead everyone in ending the activity with a quality game of Croquet. 

On top of it all we managed to hit the budget spot on, without going a penny over!

We’re all excited for the next event and cannot wait to see what’s in store for us with the next chosen Moirae Massive.

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