Campaign to safely reopen Doncaster's high streets


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Branding & Creative

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council is the local authority of the Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster in South Yorkshire, England.

COVID-19 Floor Splat Vinyl


As COVID-19 restrictions were lifted across the country in 2020 and 2021, we were tasked with creating informational graphics which communicated the government guidance on how to continue to stay safe. It was important that the messaging remained clear throughout our designs and that they followed an established brand identity created by Doncaster Council - "Let's Do It For Doncaster".

COVID-19 Floor Splat Vinyl
Doncaster Council COVID-19 Floor Splat Vinyl
COVID-19 Poster
Doncaster Council COVID-19 Poster

Creative design

We are experienced in working within existing brand guidelines whilst still being creative and can work across any marketing channel to produce artwork.

COVID-19 Digital Signage
Doncaster Council COVID-19 Digital Signage


We used a combination of existing design assets with our own creative flair and knowledge of technical specifications to produce a variety of artwork to be displayed around Doncaster's high streets. This included floor splat vinyls, posters to be printed as well as digital artwork and animations to be displayed on big screens in the town centre.

COVID-19 Animation
Doncaster Council COVID-19 Animation


We delivered the final artwork, optimised for print and web and the feedback from the team at Doncaster Council has been overwhelmingly positive! The artwork has all been rolled out across Doncaster and it's great to see your work on display in the heart of the town.

COVID-19 Big Screen
Doncaster Council COVID-19 Big Screen