Creating a brand for the cyber digital investigation profession


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The Institute of Cyber Digital Investigation Professionals (ICDIP) promotes, develops, and represents the professionalism, integrity and excellence of those operating within cyber digital investigations.

ICDIP Branding


We were approached by the College of Policing to create a new brand that could represent the profession of cyber digital investigation. As this is a relatively modern occupation, it was important that we created a new brand which creates some credibility, a ‘badge of expertise’ within the profession.

ICDIP logos
ICDIP Colour Pallete

More than just a logo.

Your brand is not just a logo. It is the sum total of all the experiences someone has with your company, and the way it makes that person feel.

ICDIP Typography
Stationery Design
ICDIP Stationery Design

Our Strategy

As with all our branding projects, we began with a kickstarter meeting with the goal of understanding ICDIP as if it were our own business. We then conducted a thorough branding analysis, established the parameters and key objectives of the new brand and created mood boards based on the key themes of the project. Our chosen design routes followed a "connecting the dots" theme, taking inspiration from the investigative nature of ICDIP and combining it with the visual aesthetic of circuit boards. We selected "Digital Blue" as a colour which reflected both policing and is a bright, RGB colour. Finally we used Sharp Grotesk as a very impactful and official neo-grotesk sans, as the typeface.

Brand application
ICDIP Brand Application
Digital poster application
ICDIP Digital poster application

The Results

The new brand launched in May 2021 and we have had brilliant feedback from all the stakeholders involved in the design process. Following the creation of the brand we also went on to create a thorough marketing plan for ICDIP to allow them to quickly gain recognition and make the introduction of the accreditations a success.